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This Is What A Real South African Braai Is!

17 January 2018

What is a real South African braai?

If there is one thing that brings people together in South Africa, it's a real "lekker" braai. Whether you call it "braaivleis" or "tshisa nyama", everyone in South Africa enjoys one every now and again. But what is a real South African braai? For many people, a braai is a unique and laid-back social event enjoyed by family and friends alike. People often get together at one of the attendees' house or meet up at a picnic spot or by a small river bank and usually enjoy roasting meat, fish or vegetables on a wood or charcoal fired grill. Some, however, use open flame grills. 

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What can you expect to eat?

Well, that's probably the best part of having a braai. You can expect absolutely anything because it's usually "bring and braai" or bring and share".  Meat is usually the most vital part of a braai and typically includes anything from boerewors, sosaties, kebabs, marinated chicken, pork to lamb chops, steaks, sausages, spare ribs and fish. Vegetables like sweet corn, fresh peppers and sweet potatoes are also very common.

The meat is usually accompanied by a portion of "pap", a stiff porridge made with refined corn powder. A sauce, such as onion and tomato relish, monkeygland sauce, or a spicy chakalaka also go well with the pap. Salads also make a great part of a braai and often include, potato salad, bean salad and a green salad. And to end off a perfect braai on a sweet note, a traditional malva pudding, jelly and custard or fresh fruit salad are the desserts that most people enjoy. 

Drinks often include ice cold refreshing beer, wine, and sometimes punch. Now you've got an idea of what a real South Africa braai is. If you want to experience one, whether it's your first time or not, contact us and book yours and enjoy a real South African braai during your stay at Redbourne Country Lodge. 

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