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Plett Wine Route, it is much more than what meets the eye.

14 March 2017

As many would think, the Plett Wine Route is still immature and  fledgling, but it is coming along and it promises good things. Plettenberg Bay Wine Route brings along not only out of the ordinary wines, but wines with a different character, wines produced with great skill and impeccable attention to artistic detail. 

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The route itself has become home to several new and emerging wine farms upon the much celebrated success of the Bramon Wine Estate. The Bramon Wine Estate is well-known for their Sauvignon Blanc, Weisser Rieslingand Chardonnay and the recent addition to the portfolio, Pinot Noir. Joined by Anton Smal, a dynamic winemaker, the Bramon Wine Estate is saw unrivaled growth when their first MCC was produced. With its own cellar and restaurant, you do not need another reason to visit the estate on your next trip to Plettenberg Bay.

Then there is Redford Lane Wines, a boutique wine farm, that was never meant to be a wine farm, but we all know how something falls into place when unplanned. Posing a rustic yet elegant charm Redford Lane Wines boast a superb range of Sauvignon Blanc and ‘Champu’ a Blanc de Blanc, an MCC that is 100% Chardonnay. They have a tasting room for you to savor your palate with all the Redford Lane wine range. Laidback in its own right, the estate is warm and it is family-friendly. There is a restaurant, a bar and a play area for your children to frolic up and about. 

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Lodestone Wine & Olives is yet another growing and promising wine estate. With owners having no wine farming experience whatsoever, their first wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay were released with a bang at the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival in October 2014. Lodestone Wines has also produced an MCC and a rosé and still promises an exciting new range. To make farming even more challenging, Lodestone Wines also have a piece of their farm committed to growing olive trees. You can arrange wine and olive tasting on the farm as well as buying a bottle of their olive oil too. 

The wine farms listed are just but a few of the farms found on the Plett Wine Route. This is all the reason and more to plan  your trip and explore what the Plett Wine Route has to offer. 

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